The Ugly Duck

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What would happen if the ugly duckling never grew into a swan? A sad tale that would be.

Thanks Newgrounds for frontpage, and thanks to the honest reviewers who gave it a chance.


Holy SHIT!

damn, that was fucking disturbing on so many levels. On the literal sense, it's horrifying real. on the philosophical sense, it's shockingly well-spoken and even more frightening that the former.


This is one you really have to look at to get. It's certainly shocking, and I think some of the other reviewers got caught up in that.

Hell, it might take me a few more tries to understand... But it certainly made me think. I think that people are thinking of it as actually happening, and not more of a metaphor for what's underneath. The latter is how I took it, anyway.

I'm still not entirely sure what to think... but I'll certainly be thinking about it for a while.

Best movie I've seen in a while...

I used to watch the Reading Rainbow cartoons u did, and play the Bill Cosby Fun Game. They were fun, but this was on an entirely different level. The art style really suits the subject of the cartoon. Good job.


that was really weird, but I could totally relate. One time I beat this guy up for abusing his baby, and all I could do was take a shit on the baby in a public restroom... Oh wait, anyway, I love the eery style of the cartoon and the portrayal of the characters. Your movies always turn out great. Oh, and the little easter egg was rather funny.


This is your best since Coffee Break I think. I really thought this was a great cartoon, and I think its a shame so many of the kids on this site can't appriciate it. Its just like if they don't fully understand what you are throwing at them, then you are definately getting a low score. It seems like the kids who did like it thought it was some kind of comedy, maybe it was just me but I saw this as something completely different. I saw it as an interesting and strange cartoon that just kind of makes you think about it, not really laugh, or get grossed out.

I really like all the coffee break world kind of movies. With those characters and stuff, those always turn out really well. Well, I wish you could keep making these without the hassle of explaining to these kids what is right in front of them. I feel your pain.

-Seth Johnson

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Aug 5, 2006
12:16 PM EDT