The Ugly Duck

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What would happen if the ugly duckling never grew into a swan? A sad tale that would be.

Thanks Newgrounds for frontpage, and thanks to the honest reviewers who gave it a chance.


A disappointing message.

I can see your point of view of how the man doesn't want the kid to grow up like him and all, but I find that point of view to create an air of naivety and disgust for the main character. After thinking for, say, not very long at all, I think you should at least have a gut feeling that something is amiss -- the child abuse and the murder. The audience should feel that the main character should report the abuse to a nearby police officer (don't parks usually have some type of police?) and even if he does murder the guy he should not do what he did afterwards. Disregarding the aforementioned, if he didn't want the kid to grow up like he did then why doesn't he just put him in an environment where he isn't beaten with a shovel? Hell, put him up for adoption at least? That is if he isn't prosecuted for the brutal slaying and the kid isn't put in someone else's care anyway.

Then again, that might have been exactly what you were aiming for, to despise the main character's terrible choice and think of him as a naive lunatic. Stuffing the kid in a toilet would definitely be most heinous. Perhaps an allusion to the terrible choices we make in life without thinking things through that hurt other people? Perhaps the metaphorical baby killing rampages we go on were what you were really getting at?

Just thoughts?

As JL as you can get.

Now before I start reviewing I want to adress all the people who I've read leaving reviews saying how horrible this is and that it made them sick. The point is showing the reality of the situation at hand, you feel bad for the "ugly duckling" you're made to understand his plight. The reason behind what he did was clear, his anger at his father made him into a cyclone of rage laying waste to all targets in his path.

He saves the child. But then what?

How is he supposed to care for a child? What is he going to do?Bring it back to the mother claiming that he had just found it and there was no husband attached? Maybe he could just mumble "Sorry for killing your husband." and run off, hell chances are the mother could be just as bad. Bring it to an orphanage? I think not, this is a stunted man, emotionally stunted by the hand life has delt him. He couldn't raise it, nor could he let it be subjected to anymore of, what he considers to be "this horrible life." So he does what he sees is right in his eyes, he ends the child's life.

And that's what makes him the ugly duck, not being able to see past his own issues and not being able to grasp the full scope of what is happening.

The whole character in this piece makes it shine alone for rasing moral and ethical issues while watching it. It's another gem in JL's pocket.

As normal the almost story book graphics are great, colorful and discriptive. Everything, as odd as it appears is the same style which is quite a hard task to pull off. You also managed to keep everything in a real world setting which is another added bonus. Nothing was gritty, to dark or harsh, it is as life looks everyday. Normal. I also have always liked the way you manage to keep your animation nice and simple yet have it as deep as it can get. Instead of having to sift through squiggly lines and over dramatic styles I'm given a nice plain toon. Artsy and yet not as quite.

It's just another short on top of the already huge stack of amazing shorts done by Jeremy. I hope to see another one soon.

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All I have to say.

Ok here I go, for my turn a revew that won't be read by the artist but revewers with heart that will probably pay attentionto the worst details of my revew to call it abusive but even if I would want to, I couldnt.

This movie wasn't really interesting. Good job for doing it but I know you can do things that have a plot and since I can't do better, I know your characters can be..um...a bit cuter ? I didnt get why, the guy sat on the baby wich was in the toilet and waited there to end this in a generic what-a-dull or shall I call it you-can-do-better. Dude, I know how have talents, I just saw it. I somehow agree with a guy that said: maybe you should get help. Okay, not mental help but help with Ideas...

To finish, I'd like you, artist that won,t read this review, and you, reviewers that will call it abusive, to remember: Life is not a animation, a feeling drawn by a artist is something, free violence and discrimination is another one. Where are we from ? God knows, since then, only god can tell where we're going. You have talents given, now use them.

What a downer...

*this review contains spoilers*

I don't know if you mean anything by this flash or what, but c'mon...

It made me want to cry for that poor kid... I mean, this guy kills his dad (I mean, he was an abuser, but still), and then that same guy forces him INTO A TOILET for no reason!

I don't know... it just seems totally pointless and just wrong. I can't tell if you're saying that violence goes around in a circle and showing the world the evils of child abuse or if you're just sick and made this flash to be gross.

I'm guessing and hoping the former. Seriously though, was that really a teen rated flash? The disturbing nature of it would seem to merit a mature, but that 's just me.

Distubing art, disturbing sound, disturbing everything. This flash gives us a message, but makes me want to hurl. In a bad way.


I thought this was an awesome animation the only problem i had with it is.... i thought i would have been bad-ass if you would have ended it off with "Fin" that would have been freakin' great but any-who keep the good work up

ps: i think you know you got a 9 because of the not have fin thing... srry

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