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TooFast TooFurious

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Everybody loves TooF... right?


i do like toof but this was pretty funny

lol i do like Toof don't get me wrong, but i have 2 admit the commentary part was pretty funny. but i still think TooF is awesome nd that Logo isnt a bad guy at all.

Keep those parodies comming

I'm getting a kick outta of all the toof parodies so far and this one is no different.

Even if it is something simple it's effective because it makes fun of an existing movie and it's done in all your own style.

who cares if it looks better, worse or the same as long as it's both funny and gets your point across it's great.

Logo presents himself said he already loves these parodies and i actually know the guy.

even if i hate logo's movies with a passion. I don't see a reason why we can't be friends.

Logo keeps making the movies and we keep making fun of them it's win win.

Oh yeah and the funny reviews by the pissed off fan boys is a nice extra bonus.

keep those parodies comming.



haha the commentary was the best man it was so cool hahahh omg lmao make more immediately lmao 5/5

Eh...Im not sure

Too many parodies out there, but at least this one was somewhat decent. I could see that you actually did some work on this one instead of just throwing stuff together to make it somewhat interesting. Very creative name.

I admit this was kinda good

I say that because u arent like all the other sobs that mak fun of toof but the cheap shot at the origanal animator at the end ant that is y u get a 5 out of 10 and wtf is a sucide toof

ToadClock responds:

The whole suicidal thing was a last minute joke I threw in.
Read up a recent news post by Tom and its comments to get it.

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3.73 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2006
9:46 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody