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TooFast TooFurious

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Everybody loves TooF... right?

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y is it called toofast toofurius?

Um, I hate this upper box, never know what to say.

Not bad, not great either, a 10 for the heck of it.


it was alright


LMAO! I love TooF, but this SpooF really parodied it good, not to mention how you cussed his commentaries...and SBC hit it once again. And your fart noises/voice acting was better than Logo's...the fart jokes were meant to be sarcastic, but they still made me laugh the way you made them...and the way you played a tune to the cuss censor...Logo censors way too many words, he even censors Damn, OMG and doesn't censor piss for FUCK...I mean **** (not)'s sake. Nice one Toad.</long review>