Ascii Art Maker v0.6

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This took a while, so I hope you enjoy! Keep in mind that this is still in beta.

How to use:
click one of the bubbles next to the squares or text box to choose how to draw. If you check a box, click on the board, then drag the mouse to someewhere else, and let go. Voila, a box appears!
For the character drawing, delete the character in the box and paste/type in a new character and click the bubble, then draw on the board! Default character is solid block.

The line in the top left. I don't know how to get rid of it, but it's not too in the way. Hopefully it doesn't bug you.

Future updates:
-More border characters
-Add special (decorational) characters
-Allow direct typing into the grid
-Reduce code size (It's very bulky as of now)
-Make it nicer looking


eh no!

im messed up...its sucks....so anyone liked it!I told to all my friends!

Nice job, must have taken alot of time!

yeah it doesnt work to paste all over the place.. though it works nicely in mirc ;O~


The last reviewer i guess that he messed up lmao!!! Still good game


^^Good Points^^
It has a very low filesize, which is good, and the interface is simple enough. I guess some good pictures could be made using this, mainly because of the grid feature, which makes it a lot easier.

^^Needs Improving^^
First of all, the buttons do seem to be a little laggy for some reason. The save button doesn't really do anything to my knowledge. I'd also rather just create my ASCII art in notepad, since I am limited to a few different characters in this game, and cannot use some very important ones like the asterisk or the slash.


Well, this wasn't the greatest game, and I'll tell you why. First of all, there was no sound, which is a big problem. Second of all, the buttons kind of take a while to respond. And third of all, what does the 'Save' feature do exactly? How do you open it again?


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1.93 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2006
4:41 AM EDT
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