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Cloud's Day Off

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^__^ Heya guys!! I made this little short to show you what Cloud gets up to on his days off @__@ It's a lot of fun, I garuntee you! ^_^;

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Well, that happened. Four minutes I'll never get back.


yea it was funny but its not e for every1 i see a vgina a a girl holdin her tits..lol


do you know how to animate?

cause im sure anybody on NG could just bitmap a few images and move them around...

this is just a waste of time

grow up and try to actually make something worth yours, and our time....

ShitlordCentral responds:

nah u suk

ps nice flashes lmfao


Damn clocks. What's worse are the clocks fans who keep crap like this on the portal. I would say make an effort when you next make flash, but you won't. You will just post the same thing and all the little clock noobs will vote 5 and it will just be another smudge mark on Newgrounds.

ShitlordCentral responds:

lmfao jotandjab