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Bloody brilliant!

I loved that, absolutely loved it.

The speed made it hit home as my eyes scanned the screen frantically to take all the information in, and the music bored into my brain and stuck there, upping my adrenaline levels. If anything this made my anticipation of the new levels and improvements promised increase twohundred fold. I really can't see any improvement for this. It's a unique piece of work and is absolutely fan-blood-tastic. Well done sir.

TheSoulMan responds:

Thank you my fine sir.


the music you picked out was pretty funny, a good pick for this flash definitly. i realy liked the humor in this flash, how you drew Tom was funny as hell, some other things like the fatass guy, ebaum, umm(theres more). the graphics were done pretty well in this also. on top of that there was a play button.

well the whole thing went kinda fast, well i guess it goes with the song more

funny flash(is this the music used in the savoir flash)

TheSoulMan responds:

Well, the flash goes with the music, and no, it isn't the music of the save flash...I don't know its name.

Thanks for the review!

BBQbeefburgerman collection?


I miss the Animutations collection, though.

TheSoulMan responds:

In the flash, it says: Star Syndicate collection...BBQ does an appearance, anyway.

Oh, and BBQ already has his collection.


Im still lauthing man...I loved this movie, you must make more like this.

Oh, Im giving you a 7 in graphics cause they were good for the situation

The thing I more liked was that it was totally fast, making it more funny

TheSoulMan responds:

The music helps a lot with the effect, believe me. :D

Awesome dude

I can't wait for the new levels! :D

It's gonna be awesome

TheSoulMan responds:

Sure it will :D

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2.85 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2006
7:05 PM EDT