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Thursday Night Special 4

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Author Comments

A month of deliberation and planning has brought this swf file to the world. Watch in this order: the first one, the second movie (which is about the PC game "The Ship"), then the first one again. Finally listen to the menu music for 4 minutes 15 seconds because it's that good.

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A beautiful masterpiece.

To start, I will explain my scoring decisions.

The graphics were amazing. I liked all the drawings in both parts. Both were very detailed beyond imagination. The first piece had the better graphics, but a plot was lacking. This is ok though, because of the astounding loop it made back around which could go on for hours and hours without getting boring (even though I only watched it for about one hour). The second part's graphics were also good but not AS good as the first. However, the second had a very indepth plot which required less animation in the people's motions, such as the Broken Saints movies. The second part also had more variety of backgrounds, and character development.

As for the style, both had a unique style I have never seen before. The first part had the happyleetghost in two different styles, the smooth, and the sketchy (seen in the thumbnail). This diverse series of styles was thrilling to watch, especially the traced looking P-Bot near the background. It appeared as it was traced which added a lot more style to the display of characters. In the second part, the style was darker and more serious. It had a unique drawing, framed, on the backwall of the third background or so. I loved the style in this part.

And the sound. The sound is what pulls this entire submission together. In the menu, it makes it exciting to click the play button for each part and draws the viewer into the piece. In the first part, the looping music matches the looping animation. This is also what makes this part a masterpiece. When music and animation sync, it's beautiful and always will be. The second part's music synced very will too. In the battle scene, the music is what brings the battle to life, like in the movie, Troy. In that movie, the music is what makes the battles a moment to remember, and this is what this part does. The epic feel of the mighty characters dueling it out is what most people are urging for as they watch Newgrounds submissions.

So that is what brings us into the violence of this submission. There was not much violence in the first part, but in the second part, the violence makes up for lack of violence in the first part. Whoever created the idea of having violence in one half of the movie to make up for the other half is a genius because I very well see it here. THIS is genius. The violence of a movie brings out the emotions and wonderous ways of real human life and the anger and hatred one feels towards the other. It almost brings you right into the movie and makes the viewer take a side of their own, almost like a game, which makes the viewer interact with the movie.

This leads into the interactivity found in both of these parts. The first puts you into a trance and keeps you watching for a long time, longer than playing an actual game. The buttons to choose the parts are also very unique. I have never seen such buttons for the viewer to press with the click of a mouse to choose which part they would like to see. Most would just play them in succession, but you took it a step further. This is another tool to keep the viewer into the action.

Another element of the direction of this animation was the magnificent humor built into the seriousness of both parts. The first part had satire I have never seen nor heard of, and the jokes in the first part were also very original. In the second part, the lack of animation of the character not only gives it simple graphics, or a unique style, it also brings laughter to the hearts of many who watch this movie, whether they know it or not.

In conclusion, to make my point more clear, this is one of the best submissions on Newgrounds at this moment, and should be respected more than it is by fellow Newgrounds viewers, voters, and reviewers. This dual part movie deserves much more than a 2/5, and therefore should have more than a 2/5. I hope you spend time on another because I really enjoy your work. This is why I give you a 10/10, for the eye-candy graphics, the ear-candy music, and the side-splitting humor.


Good luck!

Starberry responds:

this review totally brightened my not so bright day. i don't know what else to say or do

Credits & Info

2.44 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2006
4:31 PM EDT