2006| LoP Trilogy 2

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Good flashplayer recommended (like FLASHPLAYER 8)to prevent bugs.
UPDATE 26/08/06
- Pliskin talks forever in prison-glitch fixed.
- A lot of you have trouble to combine stuff. It´s NOT a glitch: You can´t combine when the "Combine"-button is grey. I changed the button a little bit. Now its easier to relize.
Awesome! Frontpage! Thanks a lot, you guys! :)
Controls are explained in-game.
Autosave function.
Press "Q" to change quality.
- Be sure to play it a second time to unlock all cool secrets!
- If the game should crash for some reason, try to reload your game. It should fix the problem.
- I recommend not to quit the game while using an item. Otherwise the item will be lost and you´ll be stuck.
I finally completed my latest point and click adventure "LoP 2 Trilogy".
It´s my very first flash over 5MB.

This game will keep you busy for at least 20 minutes.

It features over 30 different backgrounds, 28 items, pro voice acting, a lot of funny dialogs and gags, a bunch of secrets to unlock and much much more...

If you´re stuck or need guidance you´re able to open the walkthrough at any time.

I also included a list of all secrets in this walkthrough.

Hope you like it! Please review and vote fair! ;-)


Thumbs Up!

This game was really good, but getting the bow and arrow is alil overly involved, and its annoying to get stuck somewhere, where the only option is to restart (like with the rock* to get the bow later). Although this game does allow the use of tabs, if you're really stuck.
The graphics were much better and gameplay was much more involved in v.2, but would recommend playing v.1 (although admitedly lacking v.2 pizzazz, still a fun way to kill 15mins.)
The fighting in this game is sooo much easier after you find the 'golden sword'. The treasure map tells you how to get it*
Spoiler Alert (only use if frustrated)
*find the stick (beside the door), rope (tool shed), bow (birdie, need the rock (after you get the staff, the rock is on the ground, but you can only get it at the very beginning (which is a lil
annoying)) COMBINE
*Sword is in the blue room, past the gardens, but you have to have the special key*
*combine two keys, voila you can get in*

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Great game....

A fun addition to the dying genre of point and lick adventure games. As far as flash adventure games go, this is very well done. I've played a number of adventure games online and they usually can't compare to the ones sold in stores, but this one had clever puzzles, a funny script, and well done voice overs. I have yet to play the first one, but I plan to, and can't wait for the third one. Good job.
P.S. That part where the main character stuck his head in the hole and saw a screen from the previous game is joke taken from the curse of Monkey Island. What do I win for pointing that out?


im waiting for the third
thought it had some very tricky stuff!
the last boss was an asshole

prolly good

I got the key and tried to use it on the lock but everytime i clicked on the key in the inventory after the dialog box came up nothing would happen... so if maybe im doing something wrong but thats as far as i could get and it seemed like an interesting game

\Very nice/

Was that clock at the starting place right??? if it was how the hell did you do that??? seriously???


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4.15 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2006
5:54 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click