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2006| LoP Trilogy 2

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Good flashplayer recommended (like FLASHPLAYER 8)to prevent bugs.
UPDATE 26/08/06
- Pliskin talks forever in prison-glitch fixed.
- A lot of you have trouble to combine stuff. It´s NOT a glitch: You can´t combine when the "Combine"-button is grey. I changed the button a little bit. Now its easier to relize.
Awesome! Frontpage! Thanks a lot, you guys! :)
Controls are explained in-game.
Autosave function.
Press "Q" to change quality.
- Be sure to play it a second time to unlock all cool secrets!
- If the game should crash for some reason, try to reload your game. It should fix the problem.
- I recommend not to quit the game while using an item. Otherwise the item will be lost and you´ll be stuck.
I finally completed my latest point and click adventure "LoP 2 Trilogy".
It´s my very first flash over 5MB.

This game will keep you busy for at least 20 minutes.

It features over 30 different backgrounds, 28 items, pro voice acting, a lot of funny dialogs and gags, a bunch of secrets to unlock and much much more...

If you´re stuck or need guidance you´re able to open the walkthrough at any time.

I also included a list of all secrets in this walkthrough.

Hope you like it! Please review and vote fair! ;-)

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I was looking for this game for years, and finally I coult play it again. It's as hilarious as I remember.

I missed playing this game so much

A great sequel in a series of games.

I've played this over and over again for years, every other month it seems. The only bad thing I know of is the horrid use of the Papyrus font.

Holy-Howard responds:

Ah yes, I remember being so excited about using custom fonts that I simply inserted them at random.

This game was very good but I didn't like the usage of the N word. :/

edit (2021): I forgot to mention that I used to play this game when I was a kiddo so this game is one my top favorite games that gave me a nostalgia. The game was hard as a kid but every once in awhile as years passed I kept coming back to the series just to get a bit further and I did! So thank you to the entire team that worked on this game for the good memories!

Holy-Howard responds:

Yeah, me neither. It's one of the fragments of my edgy teenage self.
If I ever choose to revise or update my old games I'll probably get rid of it.