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Unforgotten Realms: Epi3

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==Unforgotten Realms: Episode Three==

Update: Fixed the sound, turns out mono was causing it to crack so much. Will fix the other two episodes when i update them with subtitles later this weekend.

There is a general feeling towards this series as far as graphics. I do not make these cartoons to have flashy graphics and work for disney, I make them because I love to make people laugh.

Watch the other episodes first! You will still be able to enjoy this installment of Unforgotten Realms even if you don't watch the other episodes first, however I would advise against it!

Jesus was this one a beast. I know I said I was going to try and make the episodes shorter but this one endded up being 8 minutes long. I wanted to do subtitles in this episode but I have been having a very hard time syncing sound after the 5 minute mark in flash and I want to release these on fridays, so I will go through and add subtitles to the first three episodes on my site and future ones should have them! Anyway, enough blabing let me know what you think!


Hahahahahaha, another great episode! XD

I had a very good laugh watching this one, as with episodes 1 and 2 it was very funny. X3 I think your D&D-based humour is really funny, Rob's antics are simply hilarious. ^^ Nice work with the axe jokes and the flash in general, I would say you could work on the graphics, but the funny parts make up for them. Keep up the hilarious work, I can't wait for part 4! X3


Haha 5

dam your ace

im a fan, but this is owns, i cant think of any thing to say, cept this owns


this is hilarious!
the graphics are a little poor but that doesn't matter
the sounds has interference sometimes but that doesn't matter too
cause i laughed my ass off

Holy ...

Holly Shit! I'm the saviour of this great movie. Omfg say thanks to me :D Anyway good series i like them a lot. Keep it up.


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4.31 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2006
1:29 AM EDT
Comedy - Original