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(MCTV Short) KFC Murder

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Author Comments

Okay guys here it is a short MCTV. First off Id like to say this IS NOT MAKING FUN OF JFK's DEATH IN ANYWAY! We just thought Kfc, Jfk lol that should be pretty funny. This is not meant to offend anyone...except maybe...Hardcore...KFC...zealots... Anyway its up to you to decide if its funny.

To anyone who says this isnt a flash: It is. Its a flash document therefore its a flash movie. Where does it say on the rules that you cant make a movie and import it into flash? Nowhere! Because as long as its something you can put in flash and fit on here its acceptable.For instance Numa Numa. This is what Tom means by "everything by everyone". That phrase does not subjegate Newgrounds to just one style of media since flash is so versitile. If you dont like it thats fine but dont use this as an excuse :(

To anyone who says this is easy: Do you realize how much work all of these take? To get 5 or so diffrent people that may or may not be busy and if they arent busy they just screw around in the server and have trouble listening to you? Then when were actually finished after about a month or so we have to edit it which is a lenghty process, then I have to re-edit it in flash which is even more ridiculous. It take so much time figuring out the best quality for a video while still trying to make it small enough to fit on Newgrounds. Then I have to add subtitles etc etc. If you think its so easy then I suggest you try and do it, maybe itll shed some light on how hard it actually is....no Im not talking about my penz0r...

Okay...now that thats all done and said...Please enjoy our movie! :D

During the assasination of JFK another murder took place...this short is the re-enactment of what happened that day.

If youd like to see more episodes, join us, talk to us etc etc...then come to the NEW Cttv site :D But none of you probably will...but we like to try anyway :)

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(( interesting ))

well it was interesting and entertaining, the video was notbad, it made me laugh, you could work on the size though, besides that it was notbad.

work on the size abit.

Entertaining, abit long to load up though.


I dont like video game things

It was a funny concept. And a nice choice of game to simulate his death with.

It was just a videogame recorded. That took no animation skill. All you had to do was get someone to look at you while you were shooting kernal sanders. And KFC is a chicken place and a synonym for kentucky fried chicken. The guy you were killing was kernal sanders.

I can see...

that you guys really enjoyed doing this. Good job. Now make more.


Funny as hell. I liked it. =D And I took no offense to this. Lol


not too bad at all. it was kinda funny :) it made me giggle. the graphics werent too bad, but could use a little work. anyways, great job

Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2006
6:56 PM EDT