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Dailytoon #231

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Update: Everything should now be fixed

The following is part 2 of the Best Dailytoons of the month of July. Please watch all of them as you may be surprised by their quality and/or humor.

Send your toons to DTSeason3@gmail.com if you'd like to be a part of dailytoons

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(( lol entertaining ))

more silly animations which i found entertaining though, with some wacky and odd content, but thats why i liked it, anyways good humor with these.

I like it as is.

Funny wacky and silly animations.



ok other than the astropuff guy i thought the other flashes wer a bit crappy, no offence or anything, but hes the only reason i voted 3.

a masterpiece :')

another best of. im pumped ;)

morrissey - one of the most epic flashes i've ever seen. the crab cameo was amazing. this version of the song is far superior to the regular styx version. vozzsux.
lauch - i love the classic music in the background, it brings the whole piece together nicely. zekey, gost, starberry, and lauch all together in one class, sounds like good fun! i see seven is walking around happily with his trusted lolli. alas, minigirls is the demise of the star syndicate. i thoroughly enjoyed the random penis for no reason. the piclownjew at the end was very loud, and a wonderful closing masterpiece. good work.
fivestar - gotta love that big brown dong, watch it go!
mr_show - that was amazing. i wish they actually had this commercial on TV :( that was damn funny. those kids didn't see it comming, and no one saw such a delicious sandwich comming. lovely voice acting too. i want mine with extra skittles and baccon please :D also, the angry black guy on the replay was quite a nice touch.
Astropuff - some amazing fbf work, and a background beat that reminds me of something zekey would use. quite beautiful, poor fish though. i love the sound he makes as he flails out of the water!

Liked it

I liked this one :) .. . . . .

Do you have this every month? Best of Daily?


I really need to participate in these more often.


TheStarSyndicate responds:

zekay.. i was lookin all over for your foamy parody yesterday but i couldnt find it :(

you were gonna be in that one