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The New TooF in the HooD!

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Author Comments

(Want more TooF? Shits, Fags, Chrome-, and updates on future Dailytoons available at http://z7.invisionfree.c

***You can click "PLAY" only once it's done loading if you have any sort of connection. This will play the movie, respecting load time!***

There is a new TooF in the mouth, except unlike he's very mean, aggressive and made of a metal called Chrome.

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Hated it...

I couldn't even watch it all the way through to tell the truth, but this thing shall recieve a 10 just because everyone else hates it. (And I can see why...)

This is not good

What kind of crack where you doing when you made this?

Starberry responds:

teenage crack


Dearey me, it seems more fools hav decided to get Flash or a free trial or something like that. Anyway learn to animate properly if you want to get anything onto NG without the help of Star Syndicate. Other than that this was not bad, I gave it 2 for sound cos it actually had it anyways, hope u do better next time.

Starberry responds:

ive made better flash than you buttchips

Most horrible TooF parody ever.

I have to say, i respect logopresents and i understand y sum people may be jelous of his success, but if you are going to make a TooF parody make it good enough so that it AT LEAST resembles TooF. This was plain horrible. I know its a parody but would decent graphix hurt? And there was no style either, just a ripoff and ANOTHER horrible TooF parody. I agree with some other people you don't even have decent voice acting. Im not gonna strain to hear wat ur saying. Violence none, interactivity as a play button none, and humor NONE. The star syndicate should really stop making these parodies, many star syndicate daily toons dont even deserve to pass judgement and shouldn't be complaining about others getting good awards for FUNNY and well voice-acted if not well stylized flashes. So get a life and grow up. Make something original and not another crappy TooF parody or crappy star syndicate cartoon. Im just waiting to hear your immature reply.

Starberry responds:

oh no i tarnished your precious portal with a poor little movie that barely gets 800 views oh no oh fucking no im so sorry for being such a horrible person for having some fun

please, please, please

Let logo do toof. There are too many parodies of toof out there now, so please let them all die a slow and painful death. Other then that, bad animation and voicing. So Im not giving you a three since i like toof, im giving it to you since you earned it.

Starberry responds:

the toof series needs to die not its parodies get your priorities straight

Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2006
11:07 PM EDT