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SeaT 1: A TooF "tribute"

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Author Comments

Two airplane seat cushions exchange engaging and hilarious dialogue.


That was really funny man.

Frankly, i love the TooF series and, Logo does make things move. Watch pretty much any toof number three and above except number 7 and something moves. I loved this though, this was excellent and everything was true. Especially the whole, pic of Naruto thing. Just plain awseome. Keep it up man, just try not to rag on logo. You could make some funny original shit that i would definatley watch.

Long live SNL

Do you think people watch the Scary Movie series and drop off complaints at the front desk. "Why you gott'a pick on Saw II like that? Saw II is better than you will ever be." or more age appropriate "Why you gott'a pick on Michael Jackson like that, Michael Jackson gave me free soda and said he loved me."

Honestly I found tooth funny. The guys animations are not the greatest, but they fit the bill. His voice is his major talent. My hating starts at the "Buy my t-shirt, visit my forum etc..." Nothing like putting the horse before the cart. He leaves little doubt that he wants to be famous, but I don't think we will be seeing a toof DVD anytime soon. In a year or two, after some more episodes, he might be the guy he wants to be, but right now he is just a poser, albeit a funny one.

The ones attacking this animation the most are probably the ones that want him to remove his bleeps. Nickelodeon brats who have a head full of fart jokes and inuendos, and laugh on cue when they hear a cuss, or a bleep. (hehe I said cuss).

I fear the mentality where one is personally offended when you don't like something they like. Pickin on something they like is like kicking their dog or sleeping with their girlfriend/boyfriend.

I say grow up and take it for what it is, a parody, one that does more good for your beloved toof than bad.

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Good movie, lacking effort.

Too much complaining, but I'll rate the movie, not your thoughts on a series I happen to enjoy. Decent animation, lacked lip syncing, but all you really wanted to do is get your point across, I assume. Quality of the sound was alright, better than what I've heard. I'll give this a 3.

Overall I liked it, though I do have a little advice. Stop whining, and either get a job, take a walk around the block, or do something productive with yourself, it's not worth it. You have nothing to prove about this animation, and I agree that some kids are getting too worked up about it. At least the time he consumes sitting on the computer is an attempt at making people laugh. If he fails at satisfying every single person that watches it, why must it matter? Name off one person in this world that didn't or won't make a mistake. This isn't meant to be an offensive review if you take it that way.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is to not worry about it and go on with life. If you put as much effort as you did into hating TooF elsewhere, you may have a more successful film.

I dont know how I messed this

But this is great shit..

Too damn funny and too damn tru ^_^ <----obligatory chibi face

Keep up the great work!

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pretty funny...

but stop bitching about toof.I'm not a huge fan of toof but the crap's getting annoying. He's making what he like's and people like's it.

anyways, i liked this movie it was pretty funny and the graphics were good.4/5

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Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2006
8:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody