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A new point-and-click game by the Bat Company crew! In this game you are a freelance reporter who gets the assignement to investigate the history of a house. But you find a lot more than just the history...

FAQ/Walktrough: http://www.jasperke.net/atrocitys_walktrough.html

So hit the sound to the max, dimm the lights and enjoy...

Atrocitys 2 is ready, find it here:


i agree with shiori-tsumi

I absolutely agree with Shiori-Tsumi, a truly well educated person would understand that one mad man taking advantage of the recession of Germany after WWI to meet his own ends and draw out personal vendettas and prejudices does not mean that every German is a Nazi. The situation at the time, whilst yes,he had supporters, was with or against, and god help you if you opposed. That's why it was a dictatorship, not a democracy. But despite obvious differences Kuchiku, such as the mass genocide, what's the difference between Nazi prejudices and yours? The only difference is that there's no label stuck on yours and you're not German. We learn and we move on, we don't continue to hate or nobody gets anywhere, that's not to say we should forget. And as for the WW3 comments, it's things like that which start trouble. And actually, Germany is a beautiful country, very friendly these days :)But as Shiori-Tsumi said, next time try researching before spreading your xenophobia, thoughtless comments only serve to make the educated look uneducated. PS, Germany didn't start all wars at all, in fact WWI was started by Austria-Hungary declaring war on Serbia.

Game was fun, nice and creepy.

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Kuchiku, what's wrong with you? Not all Germans are evil, and not all Germans were nazis. NOT TO MENTION, the original Nazi party wasn't evil, either. It was the national party of Germany...it was only Adolf Hitler that turned it into something Americans generally view as a bad thing. Also, Einstein did not flee because Germany was evil, he fled because he was Jewish and Hitler was taking out a petty revenge scheme on the Jews. Furthermore, did you know Adolf Hitler had a brother who fought with the Americans to defeat Germany and his sadistic brother? If you are an educated woman, kindly do just a tad more research. It's very enlightening.

As to the game, it's delightfully creepy and the graphics are nice. Good job.

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woooow no

not about the game. the last comment. wrong. the catholics started the crusades (but that was more of a slaughter of innocent people than a war....). And some people try to avoid using the word "Nazi" because it is a little offenseive. Not to Nazis themselves, but to people who hate what they did. Like shunning someone. And a german invented the christmas tree. do you like christmas sir? rudolf: also german. And its home of some the wierdest most awsome porn ever.

nazis=ALL germans

lets see.... germany started EVERY FRICKN WAR THERE WAS. lets just get that straight. as an american lady with high education, i can easily say the last place anyone could find me would be...GERMANY. lets look at the facts of the ppl that came from there: hitler. oh, is there more? einstein? he's american now since he ran away from hitler. so if someone is going to diss america, then you better remember how evil germany is. hell, ww3 comes about itll be easier to target the enemy germany.


What an atrocity! (lolololol). I agree the intro was bad and i also think that the animation was POOR to say the least... I've been searching for a good scare but all I've found so far are your pieces of miscreant malformed muck. EXCREMENTIAL WASTE!

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3.28 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2006
3:17 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click