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Creativity - Episode 8

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Author Comments

This is episode 8 and it's the first episode with...VOICE ACTING! Yepp. Thanks to CrazyJawaCL we can now enjoy an episode with real voices.
Now, I'm hoping for feedback: Should we always use voice acting from now on or drop it again for the text-to-speech engines? Depending on the overall response, I will make my decision.

Now: Enjoy!

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Once again, great dialog. I'm having difficulty deciding whether the real voice acting or the text-to-speech is better. And by all means I mean no disrespect to the voice actors, I can imagine how tough of a job that is. However the text-to-speech had a tone of indifference that fit this series very well. By the way, I'm completely aware that is COMPLETELY CONTRADICTORY to my previous reviews, sorry about that. Maybe the solution would be if the voice acting sounded more indifferent, at least for Luc's character, the other's were pretty fitting, and similar to the text-to-speech voices (in tone, not in mechanical... ness).

(( nice artwork ))

this was good, there was some good artwork, nice characters aswell with lots of detail, and ontop of that you had some good voices, the flash does "loop" so you may want to fix that, explained below.

This flash needs a "STOP-ACTION-CODE" it will help for the looping that the flash does, it will make it so that the user presses play and at the end replay, you will also need the propper "PLAY" and "REPLAY" buttons aswell, feel free to stop by the "FLASH" Forums on the newground BBS as they will help you on how to add this script intoyour flash. so stop by the forums on here newgrounds, and do a sreach for "flash help" or "STOP-ACTION-CODE" and your terms should bring you to the actual stop action code or other help that will help you in stoping the loop.

nice toon but does need some work.


the graphics are a little subpar..

they look a little over compressed. and the humor is non-existent.. newgrounds has a nice way of bringing out raunchy gore covered humor. maybe instead of settling they're differences they could've just ripped out his intestines?

Great flash!

I haven't seen the other episodes, so please excuse me, but I think this is great. I love the graphics, and the quirky way of walking.
The voice-acting sounded really good, I'm sick of electronically voiced animations, it's so inhuman.
A start and restart button would be a good idea, though, and the clicky noise while loading scared me a bit o.o


Although I skipped a few of the episodes, I think I know what's going on. It's good that you have voice acting, because the text-to-speech program is mroe fitting for Clock, Lock, Glock, etc. movies, in my opinion. The subtitles were right on cue with the talking, to, which isa good thing. However, you didn't have a 'PLAY' button, and it wasa bit short. Did you havea 'REPLAY' button?


Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2006
8:49 AM EDT