Marijuana Stand 2

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Check out MS3 on 4/20!


Good overall but

Well it's a good game the general idea has been done befor but i like your spin alot betta... i agree that the art really dose suck lol no one even has faces but no biggy i really think this could use a little more veriaty in things you can do and your standerdised prices were 2 high like 5 for bammers ok but 20 for cron and 25 for hash... i tryed selling at 14 for cron and 19 for has and 3 for bammer and i dident get very man custermers... oh an yea i bout the scanner the scale the safe the cell and pager and the monkey paw and i think all the monkey paw dose it make the fortun tell stop saying your gf is cheatin on you but with my prices i can only get around 20 and 25k so i thinks somthing maby wrong there

but good game cant wait for numba 3 and yeah man get back 2 meh

>Voted 5< and all you otha bitch vote 5 2 unless your against legalising weed... dumbass crackers...

badseed1 responds:

25k is an alright score, but aim for 50-60k.
Thats a great score.

This game is the shit!

But not nearly as cool as Marijuana Stand 3 will be! Go check out the site, keytoneproductions.net/badseedms

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good game

but bad grafix


Great game,Its just like the real worls.I had a lot of fun playing this game.I highly recomend playing it lol

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Marijuana! Anyways, for the cheats, make sure to have caps if it says caps, otherwise it won't work. But, really. You made a good game man. Make it more..expandable. Make it to where you are like..13 and start sellin'. Then you get into it more and you can have more drugs to sell. Like you start at weed, then shrooms, then pills, acid, heroin, crack. Whatever. Just, that would make this game..the utter...just..wow.

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badseed1 responds:

Thnx for the ideas. I might add mushrooms and coke in there... I'll be sticking with the drugs that grow out of the ground though, no man made chemicals!

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3.66 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2006
7:49 AM EDT
Simulation - Job

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