TooF Sex

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Update: I am honored to have my movie in the TooF Collection!11!
We all know the story of TooFy. But This is the story of one of Toofy's Black friends, and his Japanese TooF GF. This is what happens when TeeF fall in love!11!



dude thats lame...

im sorry but even my simple crude mind didn't find that funny, its just too childish, and it doesn't reli make sense. is it spose to?


^^Good Points^^
Well, I kind of liked how it started out. The voice overs were kind of funny and the way you drew this was hilarious. I also found the preloader to be quite funny.

^^Needs Improving^^
Once the sex scene starts this movie just goes down hill. The music is really lame and the drawings are pretty stupid as well. I don't know what all the toof parodies are about, but this one isn't a good one.

wow newgounds is filled with moronic ppl

how did this pass?
styl is only a 3 cuzz i <3 toof but....cmon...thats just plain gay
1.)poor atempt to make us laugh
2.)the art sux
3.)tooth paste? u hav to much time on ur handsso yeah over all this sux

So this is meant to be what? A parody or somthing?

I sickens me to see someone do such a degenerate and poor parody of what may not be a perfect series, but still has it's value. What saddens me more is you say to a previous reviewer that "At least this has humour and satire". Do you actually know what satire means? By virtue of the meaning of the word "Satire" you basically admitted this this was a parody intended to ridicule and degenerate LogoPresents. So why you boasted that this "has satire" is beyond me, since it is far from a good thing. Before you correct people, think about what you are typing.

And just for the record, this had NO humour whatsoever, and the people who voted 10 in their reviews can't even put together a coherent sentence. What does that say about your "fanbase", if it can so be called?


This is at least 10 times funnier than any TooF episode (which isn't funny at all)!! I laughed my ass off...
Please give us more parodies! I loved them both (at least that's how many I've seen so far). :D

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2.78 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2006
4:25 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody