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Dailytoon #230

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This dailytoon is a very special dailytoon profiling the best dailytoons of the month of July. This is the first of more than one part. Look for more "Best of" dailytoons tomorrow. Thanks


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Nice presentation.

this was actually good, especialy the intro with all the flashing, as for the clips themself funny and random with some interesting artwork.

Nothing as i found it very entertaining.

Funny, random and entertaining.


best of da best butts!

oh boy, a best of. the cream of the crop :)

rtil - ah yes, the wonderful suspence building movie for season three. lots of flashing colors and wonderful sound. awesome work :D
grandfatherclock - an amazing short. infact, it was quite delicious.
Aerdail - pokemon meetings, those are always annoying to attend :( pikachu is a total dick.
TheIRG - gotta love cake. i love the awfully canadian j00bie, equipt with a hockey stick and a maple leaf. way to show that robber who's boss. nice work irg.
Kooh - a damn fine animation. lots of colors, and exciting characters. keep on scrolling for the good of man. i liked the music too, tapped my foot along with the beat :P i wish i knew what all the subliminal messages were :P
starberry - poor snake. another very moving cartoon by the master starberry. some more awesome character design, and the ghost of sevenstar lives on inside of all of us.

yeah, my feelings dont change okay?


Those were some of the best i've seen. What song is in the one by rtil? I know its from Jet Grind Radio. I love that game!

TheStarSyndicate responds:

ya its from that game, dont know the name but i would bet if you searched for that song simply using the name of the game you'd find it


^^Good Points^^
It's really a shame that we can't have the quality that is shown in these "best of" movies every day. This one, unlike most of the daily submissions was actually pretty entertaining. My favorite part was Aerdails part. It had lots of good animations and drawings and it was also funny to see Pokemon in suits. The other good parts were Starberry's and rtil's parts.

^^Needs Improving^^
Some parts of this were just too long and too boring for me to watch, which is why I've said time and time again to make a menu button during each movie. That would really be quite useful for people like me who get bored with this stuff.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

there are actually toons like this very frequently, but no one seems to notice. the NG audience pisses me off sometimes. they give respect to that god awful hitler series while never paying any respect to the series that actually have decent amounts of work put into them.


The pokemon parody was good. Pokemon in suits is an unusual idea.

The MGS parody was utterly terrible.

And the rest were so average I've forgotten them already


TheStarSyndicate responds:

umm i dont care

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4.05 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2006
11:57 PM EDT

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