TooF Six

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This a parody of the TooF series, by LogoPresents. Logo seems to have fallen into an unfavorable light with the Star Syndicate.

All your favorite, identically drawn characters return in this tween packed adventure of psudo-hilarity!

I hope you enjoy.

In a personal note, I've been diagnosed with a rare affliction that the doctors have colloquially named "CBS", or "Chronic Bullshit Syndrome". Please buy my shirts so I will have enough money to pay for a cure.


The only good toof parody

So far, the only funny one. you can tell you put some thought into the parody. unlike all the other one's i've seen.....gr.....anyway, gj!


I found the "Motion Tween" very funny.
I dislike the Toof series, He get's away with doing such simple things, even if it is clever, if it's going to get daily award, it should take a bit of effort.
You got my 4.

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man i love toof..but this was funny..it touched on all of the things that he does that are somehow popular..love the logopresents..sounded just like him

Funny.. but I love TooF

Pretty funny, but I love the TooF series. As he said, he does not bribe his way onto front page, or bribe people for high scores. People enjoy the series. We all have our own opinions. Now, instead of insulting someone's work, that I might add is really good and does really good on Newgrounds, maybe these people should make up their own ideas. I don't hate the maker of this flash, it's pretty funny. I don't consider this insulting. This is actually missing something that TooF does have. Better graphics :P

Ho my god

That was so funny, I normaly dont like things like this, but It was really well made and I can tell you've put alot of effort into it. I love the way you made your voice sound like the one with the hair. This needs to be on the front page.


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2.75 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2006
8:49 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody