TooF Six

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This a parody of the TooF series, by LogoPresents. Logo seems to have fallen into an unfavorable light with the Star Syndicate.

All your favorite, identically drawn characters return in this tween packed adventure of psudo-hilarity!

I hope you enjoy.

In a personal note, I've been diagnosed with a rare affliction that the doctors have colloquially named "CBS", or "Chronic Bullshit Syndrome". Please buy my shirts so I will have enough money to pay for a cure.


motion tween

it's true. i'm not saying TooF is bad, I'd give the series a 3/5, this is just a good parodie.:)


you star syndicate guys can be funny when you put actual effort into a cartoon. i haven given anything over a 0 to a SS submission in months, i give this a 3. i know you guys dont actually give a shit about logo not having to put much effort into his cartoons. youre just trying to use his style of animation against him just because you dont like him. yeah he killed you in his AFD cartoons, but he is justified in doing so, you really do suck. mostly what you SS people do is make five or six 5 second or seizure flashes and put them in a cartoon in which the title screen has more effort put into them then the cartoons themselves. then you submit and mass vote it in. and now youre mad because people hate you, what the fuck do you expect?

WTF is motion tween?

It was ok, the japenese toof was annoying. I really liked the GC replie. It was funny, you kinda sounded like him. WTF is motion tween?

Protocol2319 responds:

Thanks. Motion tweening is a quick, simple method of animation that transforms an object across an imaginary grid. This is oppossed to frame by frame animation which takes much longer.

good satire

i like the toof series.....but i found this very funny....sucks that ppl cant take a joke


Really you only had two jokes, the motion tween (lol), and the "k" private message. I am a toof fan, but I don't freak out when stuff like this is made, you just have to deal with it and look at it from a different point of view or something. Just replace the crap where the two teef were talking, no lol.

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Aug 1, 2006
8:49 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody