TooF Six

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This a parody of the TooF series, by LogoPresents. Logo seems to have fallen into an unfavorable light with the Star Syndicate.

All your favorite, identically drawn characters return in this tween packed adventure of psudo-hilarity!

I hope you enjoy.

In a personal note, I've been diagnosed with a rare affliction that the doctors have colloquially named "CBS", or "Chronic Bullshit Syndrome". Please buy my shirts so I will have enough money to pay for a cure.



i think i speak for a lot of peoplewen i say i am getting real fuckin tired of these toof flashes. if u really think logo's takin ur fans or gettin to much attention or watever, stop fuckin around makin fun of him and his flash, and come up with your own ideas.
i mean its really not that hard to come up with a storyline for flash. it doesnt even have to make sense and people will like it, i mean look at ingus. anyway for the love of god will u all stop making these shit parodies.
with no due respect

1 point for effort, 1 point because it sucked.

Honestly you really just need to make you're own series if you get that jealous.

Dude, so what if he didnt put so much work to it?

what im tryin to say is even if Logo didnt put work to Toof it is still admired by newgrounders and you have no right to deface it with some crappy, badly drawn flash. your movie may have some points but still, Logo doesnt have to put much work to it, and it is still admired by newgrounders so its a win win for both of them.

good and bad

true toof could be concidered lazy animation but but at least he doesnt use unnecisary visual effects to get the joke in there he uses a simple but effective style of animation and i hope some day people like you will relize that there is a difference between effency and laziness and toof is effency. also all you stupid toof fanboys need to relize that everything gets bashed here and there but the more you complain you slowly give toof and logo a bad image look at star wars it gets bashed all the time but it's all just a joke or at least it should be. all in all it was a funny parody and though i dont agree with the opinions displayed in this flash you said what you felt you made it funny and i respect that have a cookie and an overall 7

Heh heh, not bad.

Originally, it was "Fasaboh (fastball)." But now, it's changed to motion tween. You were pretty accurate doing the Cubey voice. Good job. I like the audio the most. And also, I can't call this a lazy animation. There's not a chance in hell that THIS would be a lazy animation if you were trying your best. I just wish it could have better graphics. Oh well. Even Wonchop and darkspeeds started off with crappy graphics TOO you know..

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2.75 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2006
8:49 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody