TooF Six

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This a parody of the TooF series, by LogoPresents. Logo seems to have fallen into an unfavorable light with the Star Syndicate.

All your favorite, identically drawn characters return in this tween packed adventure of psudo-hilarity!

I hope you enjoy.

In a personal note, I've been diagnosed with a rare affliction that the doctors have colloquially named "CBS", or "Chronic Bullshit Syndrome". Please buy my shirts so I will have enough money to pay for a cure.



So true man, I hate the Toof series. The humour, the style, everything about it makes me angry. Sure it's a fun concept for a one off, but stop it NOW LogoPresents.

And to Dizzy D, well done for being brave enough to take the time to tell it like it is!

It's OK, really.

Things I agree with;
1)The bleeps on all the curse words are unessesary, but that doesn't mean we can make out the words. =)
2) The Animation is lazy. But look at the fight scene in TooF Five. Didn't show a lot of laziness there.
3) Yeah, the sudden selling of merchandise IS unessescary. But at least it'll get rid of the fact that we need more clothes. =)

Things I disagree with;
1) Who the fuck cares about the lazy animation? It's the damn script that counts. =)
2) That's all I disagree with. >.> <.<


It made me smile at first... then it was plane. He does you use alot of motion tweens but, so does CU, Tomorrows Nobodys and most animations. I personally use FBF and Tween but, I see nothing wrong with using all tween. So instead of making fun of other people animation make some of your own. I did find the toilet joke funny because it amazes me how fast he makes them. I RULE!


Graphics: 10, better than LogoPresents' graphics.
Style: 10, I love parodies on popular artists.
Sound: 10, You re-enacted the voice acting of LP very good. I laughed ;).
Violence, Interactivity: -
Humor: 10, Best parody of any NG flash artist yet. The failed test was awesome, I think I would've voted D although I might not be bothered actually signing up for a MySpace, or any of those things.
Overall: 8. A very good submission that made me smile and hopefully will make LogoPresents put actual work into his flash, but chances are about as big as Illwillpress stopping to be a retard.

<3. Great flash.

why is everyone saying this is funny???

The Toof series is awesome.. you dont need anything MASSIVE with OTT graphics to make something good..
I can imagine your pretty much on top of the world with this submission.. this is the best one you've done.. and you had to steal it to make it good..
You go on about frames an shit and yours are 100% worse.. Dont make fun out of something when its obvious that you cant do better yourself..!!!

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2.75 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2006
8:49 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody