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BB: The Special Edition

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New Scene, new fun, new appearances by Sammy Sosa, Luis Gonzalez, and Mark McGwire! Will be updated tomorrow to reflect changes in the home run totals of Sosa and Bonds (68!)

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I didnt see a point. Am I not looking hard enough?

I took away the apostraphe in the title so I could fit the question mark!

Um....catchy tune....I guess.

If anyone cared about baseball stats they could look on the internet rather than waste their time watching this. You could have AT LEAST provided a little more information. Why did you write in rainbow?

I'm a scat (wo)man.....

..I gave you a 9 on humor, because I was laughing at the shittyness of your movie. I really don't know where to start with this...umm...
here goes:
1) bad music
2)stupid sport
3)slideshow, not even a movie
4) total shiznit

B's brother is back.....

and he's one pissed mother. Watch as BB shows off massive power against the likes of Sammy and Mark. It was never thought that B's brother could be so awe inspiring, but he has shown the world that he is one tough piece of grade A ham.

Two thumbs up - Siskel and Ebert

I didn't know they made stuff like this. The story will floor you. - Dan Goodfur, Chicago Tribune

I never knew BB had a brother. Now all is needed is a reunion with C from breakfast, G, F, and B and we will have fulfilled our purposes to live. - Dave Harmon, New York Post

Another great movie

I've said it before and I'll say it again, vote 5!

excellent, BB would be pround

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3.22 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2001
4:28 PM EDT