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My freinds have recently restarted playing runescape. And by simply watching and helping them, I rmebered why I hated it in the first place. NNow, I present to you just WHY i dislike runescape.

Maple is better. Peace out.


fo shizzle

ma nizzle

true to da max


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alright lets begin

your score starts at 10
-3 your graphics could have been way better if you spend more time on them
-2 you really dont get that you over expressed your hate for runescape, some people like pie, and some people like cake, some people like w.o.w some people like runescape
-1 the music was a little annoying
-2 the overall movements of the characters were simply horrible ( sorry to say)
-1 the backrounds were bland, and dull
and that, is how, your score gets a whopping 1/10


ok, I support Crystaline.
Point 1 that I agree with) You have really bad spelling
Point 2 that I agree with) You over-do your points on skills, calling fighting stupid just because it's not epic. That is how battles were in the old days of medieval times.
Point 3 that Crystaline didn't say about) You try and make it as funny as possible to disguise the exaggeration in the storyline. And Lordbeta has a very good point too. If you start off the game being able to light, cut, catch, mine, smith, smelt, fletch, examine,mcreate, craft, kill, hunt, and do, there wouldn't be any fun. Don't you see what we're saying? This is just the way MMORPGs go, you can't buff that, right? I only give a 6/10 for the minorly humouring style in which you procrastinate your opinion, and for the fact that you at least bothered in animating it, rather than all text, but I'm tempted to give it a 5 or a 4. Anyone who agrees with us, say " I "


I like the part where the fish says "No, he cant catch us yet".

But, if you start off the game being able to do everything, it'd be very, VERY boring.

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2.52 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2006
3:42 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody