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My freinds have recently restarted playing runescape. And by simply watching and helping them, I rmebered why I hated it in the first place. NNow, I present to you just WHY i dislike runescape.

Maple is better. Peace out.

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I was going to troll you, but in some sense, your right, the game can kinda get dull, and seems visually unappealing..

but once your a high lvl, and skills are good, it's much more interesting, plus runescape has changed alot since the classic day's.


Maple is better. Just for that statement, you get full points, good sir.

This is OK but

I saw another flash very similar to this higher up on the "runescape" search results. Stealing ^_^? Kiddin' nice flash :3 6/10


I've always wondered why I have to waste my whole life on trying to get a stupid cape and why i have to fish for 8 hours straight just to see if i can catch monkfish.
Runescape is way too overated and way too time consuming.

I have 2

Give you an 8/10,4/5 on this. most of these are true-but the more its updated, the funner it can get