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SNN Interviews Avngd7fold

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Ty Paddington sits down with the guys from the band "Avenged Sevenfold" to find out what makes them tick. Turns out... not that much. (Yes... this IS REAL!)



See, I actually like Avenged Sevenfold, but man was that interview lame. They were just so goddamn boring and stupid. Glad they got the pasting for it. This seems to have slipped unnoticed through Newgrounds since its got less than 10 reviews after being here for over 2 years, More people need to see the Avenged douchery!


Man, I loved that.
What the hell are up with all these emo kids? They have completely missunderstood everything.
And avenged sevenfold are a bunch of wuzzes. Seriously, the think they play oh so hardcore music, and then they run around on TRL, blushing and talking like high school girls on crack.

And I agree with the person who said that it's great how many people you piss off - cause everyone who likes this band is a poser, and I swear to god they're on their way down to Hot Topic (the palace of posers) to shop away their emoness.

Always love it

I always love your work, but what made this better than most of your other submissions is the amount of people that tried to flame you for it. I hope you keep pissing people off, cause your damn good at it, and its always funny!


Dude wtf is with that stupid reporter dude...he needs to freakin put his head under a tire and have one of his relatives drive the truck back.

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It was ok, but funny how the two guys accually said that in a real interview. I that the bands ok but its fun to see a band get dissed every once in a while but just wait until the A7X fanboys and fangirls start flamming then it will get really funny

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Aug 1, 2006
3:12 PM EDT
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