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Hyperboy: Episode 4

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The long-awaited 4th episode of Hyperboy. This one has the first big fight of the series. Sorry to keep everyone waiting, but I've been busy the past year. Hope you like it!

You might wanna read the comic to get the cartoon. You can see it at http://www.hyperboystudios.com


i was waiting for this one to come out

thx for creating this series, got happy when i saw the 4th one in front page hehe, keep on the good job dude, btw, are you still making your game?

gene-goldstein responds:

Nope. Not anymore. Never really was.

It got abandoned pretty fast.

im not a real bad crittic but ITS JUST CRAP

i hate the hummor the style is terrible and the annimation is amature
seriously i gotta let ya have it drop the series i dont nop how it made front page ok?
dont hold it against me u got tallent but try a differnt idea ok?

gene-goldstein responds:

Haha, wow.

Big words from someone who spelled immature as AMATURE.

I really want to see you do better. Please, show me. If you're such a good critic, you must have done some popular Flash work yourself! You haven't? Then, shut up.


I've been waiting and bugging you since you finished Ep 3. If it takes you twice as long for Ep5, then that's fine, as long as it's as good or better. Pretty freaking awesome man. I gave you 10's across the board, even though, like you said, it would be more about the fight, not humor. Still, you get all tens. WOO! Candy munching, ass punching, face crunching, late noon brunching, giggity giggity awesome. MORE!


This was so unexpected! I thought hypersuit wouldnt be on him anymore... I was wrong! Cant wait for numbah 5!

well, yeah, nice

it was pretty good, yeah, but why is there always just 1 creature attacking at one time, it's like they are just ALL standing there waiting to be slaughtered!! it got a bit better near the end though, but still you made that nice, but the humor like sucked!!! and i mean the dodgeball and the chestguy! man you're out of inspiration

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4.28 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2006
2:37 PM EDT
Comedy - Original