Hyperboy: Episode 4

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The long-awaited 4th episode of Hyperboy. This one has the first big fight of the series. Sorry to keep everyone waiting, but I've been busy the past year. Hope you like it!

You might wanna read the comic to get the cartoon. You can see it at http://www.hyperboystudios.com


Gene, you are my new God.

By far THE best fight scene ever. I was actually saying out loud "Oh, no way. He isn't gonna...he DID!"
The style is super terrific and the animation is top notch, so smooth and great. The facial expressions and such are just awesome. The humor, not so much in this one, but this one was mostly fighting. If I could summarize this Hyperboy Ep in one word, it would be 'sweet'. Best ep yet, just because of the fight.

Coulda been better,,,,

I'm lovin the humor in your episodes, but the fight scenes are gettin old.... not that you dont use camara angles well or he effects you use... its just that they're nothin new, and after a while during the fight, it gets pointless to keep watching, cause we all know hyperboys gonna win... put some suspence , the benefit of a doubt in your series... make him look like hes not gonna make it... but still, what do i know? i dont animate, and you do a hell of alot better than i could imagine myself doin... , so keep it up. bring up some interesting surprizes...

gene-goldstein responds:

Well, I thought I did put some suspense. Maybe not a lot. But, why bother with suspense? Instead of worrying about who wins, just enjoy the fight while it lasts.

I hate the Matrix for only this one fact...

It has affected how EVERYONE makes fight scenes!! I also mildly hate DBZ for the same reason. The movie was funny and interesting up until the generic (high school) fight scene. I mean, it was drawn well and all, but who is that? HyberNeo? I gave it a 4 tho, cause it was draw quite well. More imaginative fight scenes next time please. :)

gene-goldstein responds:

Oh, really? I haven't seen a decent fight scene on NG for a long time. Frankly, I can't even think of one that resembles this one.

Imaginative fight scenes are hard to do. Just stop comparing this to everything else...especially not to DBZ.

argh! terrible! I couldn't watch the whole thing..

It needs more brilliance!

With a name title like hyperboy, I was expecting millions of exclamation marks and dazzling, epileptic fit inducing, flashing lights.

That's all I have to say.

gene-goldstein responds:

And that's why you have no taste in Flash.

Dazzling lights don't make a cartoon good. Good writing and good animation does.


...but derivative.

Bullet time? Check.

Revolving fight camera? Check.

Heavy metal soundtrack? Check.

Playground fight VS thousands of swarming clones? Check.

The tropes of a new generation; the Wachowskis have much to answer for.

gene-goldstein responds:

Look, I'm not saying I'm not influenced by The Matrix. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't.

But, Hyperboy is not to be taken seriously. There's a lot of irony here. The whole fight could be taken as a parody of the famous 100 Agent Smiths fight. Or it could be taken seriously, like you are taking it. Chill out, buddy. I'm not trying to create something wildy original. At least not with the content of the fight. I think the originality comes from the fact that there IS no good fight scenes in Flash anymore.

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Aug 1, 2006
2:37 PM EDT
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