Drawmatics Episode 01

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(Update)Fixed the buttons and the loading screen.
The First Episode of a series of games Created by me. A story about a really pale girl out to get a toaster For her lazy roommate. Sounds Silly? Well, the game is suppost to be! The First Episode is Called "Cold Subject" I hope you all Enjoy! If you find any bugs or, glitches Let me know!

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Good job

The giant pidgeon level was hard! Nice jab at the emos blak!

Blaklyon responds:


Not your best but..

Its not your best. Though it is only your first game. You need more music. Also take away the audience because that is a little stupid. If I could review the game as a whole I would but..that fucking axe girl is hard..

Blaklyon responds:

Yeah, I know I could of used more music but, I had to watch the file size.
All you need is timing. The axe girl isn't that difficult if, you know when to attack. look for here to arm to turn red. if you can't get past the second part, all you have to do is count to 3.

Very well done.

This was very well done. I love your crazy work. Makes me feel like I'm tripping out. People don't have to take drugs to get buzzed ... just watch Blaklyon's work to get dizzy and high!

You forgot to scrip the last buttons on the game, so no one can retry the Panda slap fight. I've told you to watch your buttons. I also told you to put a warning at the beginning of your crazy flash for people who might not be able to handle it. You almost gave one person a siezure with this one. Put the warnings in your flash. you crazy or something? You're gonna make some geek die at his desk. He's gonna be eating and typing and watching your flash, then he's gonna go into fits and choke to death on his grilled cheese! Warn people damn! Hahaha.

Blaklyon responds:

Thanks for the review! I updated some stuff that was broken. Try it again. It might be more enjoyable.

Sound effects were god damn annoying!!

get rid of the punch, get rid of the audience, get rid of the gun shot every 5 seconds and It will be good. PLEASE get just get rid of the audience!

Blaklyon responds:

This is my first game so, I will listen to your sudgestions. Try it now. It has been updated.

Worth it

I liked it alot, reminded me of 4 Resident Evil's interactive cutscenes. You had to be clever to get them and not die. My only problem is if you loose at the hand slap game, yes to re-try doesn't work so after hitting play I wasn't able to win because it kept re-setting. I enjoyed how clever the game was and a lot of interaction went with it. This game took awhile to make but you can really appreciate all the work that went into it. Good job

Blaklyon responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! I Updated it a little so, that it runs a little better.

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3.53 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2006
7:36 AM EDT
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