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10/02/2007 - Update:

It's been a while since I did this.But I was watching it for no reason and then I noticed the looping was SHIT.So,I went into Flash and fixed it in such a way that some songs loop really great.Most won't notice that Popcorn 2005 by Frankiedamann is looping,I assure you.

Something you will really notice is that I put Deathfyre's Mix out...it was a edit of GuCci's remix,but it looks like Deathfyre himself hates it,so I put it out and put the original remix by GuCci.I have to say sorry to both GuCci and Deathfyre,lol.

I also updated my logo,because my old logo was a shame.

And yes,I did this update because of my evil plan to do SDJ 2,which will be a tribute to Chrizzly here at NewGrounds (that means "good byeeee techno,helloooo heavy metal!").It's not sure that I do that,so don't get your hopes high. (pfff,like someone even cares about SDJ anymore)

I also edited the description,fixed some grammar and typos and what not.

So,stop reading this damn thing and go watch the damn animation,kthxbye.

BTW: Check my latest new's on my NG UserPage! (click my damn nick) if you wanna comment anything about SDJ 2.

SDJ's Wallpaper:
www.deviantart.com/deviat ion/40220537/

Really,this movie was already submitted and blammed
so I follow the rewiev of Daikiri and made a little Jukebox with various remixes
of Popcorn (they are really different to the original) and a great last time
adition: the original,Hot Butter's Popcorn! But it was also cutted to make a
near 30 secs loop,like the remixes,but still it's cool :)

What I've changed,after the animation got blammed:

Good: The DJ's clothes, the DJ now looks more realistic,added "Lil Jukebox of Popcornerish",
every song has a diferent animation effect,added a preloader,added a animation for when the DJ
changes the disc,less laggy.

Bad: Bigger filesize (like 700kb more,lawl)


Androu1: Original Movie,Drawings,Effects,Mu sic Searching,Programming,Loo p fixing.

Javitronx: Ideas,Some Effects,Camera Idea,Getting Original HB's Popcorn!

Thanks to "Blue_Chi" for his/her "Custom Context Menu" tutorial at www.Oman3D.com



it was mkay, is that mkay? mkay. ( make it so t plays the whole song instead of having it repeat mkay? mkay so thats mkay. )


I had a real good laugh, I liked it how SDJ throws the disc!


keep doing some more remix collabs like this!

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Androu1 responds:

I will maybe do one for Mario Bros or Metal Gear Solid...BUT,that's so unsure to happen...that probably won't EVER happen...it's only a idea I have.

Thanks for the review :D

real author

Gershon Kingsley composed and played the original "popcorn" in the year 1969.

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Androu1 responds:

Well,yes.But his version is REALLY diferent from the techno version,which is the famous one.
Anyway,next time,please,review on the animation too.That would help :D

Pàté on Toast

FUCK OFF!!!!!! Popcorn was made by HOT BUTTER! I repeat: HOT BUTTER!

They are excellent! Kraftwerk are cool too but they didn't make this song so FUCK OFF!!!! Popcorn is a wicked song, they used to make us dance to it in PE lessons in my primary school. By the way the film was actualy quite rubbish because I could just listen to Popcorn on my computer or whatever... There wasn't really an interesting vid to watch whilst that section of the song played either...

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Androu1 responds:

SOMEBODY REALLY KNOWS WHO REALLY MADE THE SONG! But,this was my first film and I did this just to have fun and for nothing else. I had to go to my cousin sister bday party...it was sooooooo boring! But,if it helps,I'm a lot better than I was when I did that

Not bad

But you should have mentioned the original artist of that song. (Kraftwerk)

Androu1 responds:

What,Hot Butter isn't the original autor of da song!?

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