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I hope you like it, its my first action movie. :D
Voice your opinion but give advice please.



I think with a little more work it could become a very nice piece. the whole piece however seems hasetly drawn, and the brush size seems a little too large. if you were to make the brush size a little smaller for the charecters you could achive a better overall detail and look to the piece. other then that it was a pretty good animation. the intermission was funny/unexpected but the style is a pretty worn out concept with the anime sword movments. i think some of those are alright but somtimes the flashes and lines look quite un-orginal.


this is pretty good, all you need to do is touch up the backround a bit, and it loops over too, but maybe u intended to do that, good work.the music was good too.


great attempt man, but if you could get the character animations a little tighter and the proportions a little better, you'd have it made man. nice job though.

Well... It wasn't bad.

The graphics were well... Not good I guess you could say, but the animation was fluid and the result was decent. I wouldn't say the flash is great or anything but it isn't bad at all. You drew everything with your mouse right? You might want to try scanning in some hand drawn pictures instead. If I were you I'd keep working on your flash because you aren't a bad artist, you just lack something. I don't know what it is, but it's something.

Just one question though... What the hell was up with the song? Didn't fit that well I don't think. Oh and the intermisson... The hell was that all about?

i dunno what to put here...

MY OPINION: i didnt particularly enjoy the movie, it kinda lacked any real substance.

MY ADVICE: intermissions should be kept for longer, slower, more substantial cartoons, and have slower music, like a real intermission which gives u time to relax and take it all in.

and add some ketchup.

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2.65 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2006
4:48 PM EDT
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