Phoenix Wrong Rides Again

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Check it out for more Wrighty goodness!

Wow! Daily 5th! Thanks a bunch! I never thought I'd ever win a Portal Award!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the Courtroom... Phoenix Wrong returns!

Tiny Tim- Laughing Policeman
Monthy Python
Liar Liar
Wierd Al- Polka Your Eyes Out
Kentuky Fried Movie
Godzilla (not Lavos) roar
Kindergarten Cop + Phoenix Wright sounds
There's Something About Mary
Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure



It seemed like something that was just slammed together w/o much thought... "I like this line, I'll use it."
And even if it was a sprite, it was rather choppy...
The objections were annoying like woah...

Overall... it was kinda boring/annoying imo.

AshfordPride responds:


Well... In all honesty, that's exactly what was going on.

Yeah, at sometimes the animation did't sync up like I planned. I'm still relatively knew to flash, so please excuse these hiccups.

Yeah, the gavel/objection switch was a bad move on my part.

i dont know why i liked that

it didnt really make me laugh but i still liked it.maybe it was ur style. wats the cartoon from?

You didnt draw any of that.

It was very funny with the dubbing since I played the video game before. And the objection was kinda funny

Saying objection over and over again got anoying. The sound quality was bad and so was the picture quality. Pluss you didnt draw any of it. You just pasted the pictures and dubbed the rest.

AshfordPride responds:

Oh course I didn't draw any of that! That's entirely the point of a sprite flash. I did, however, take the time to find and painstakingly edit various sprites to match the words.

The objections over and over again was a segque from scene to scene. Honestly, I didn't care for it too much either. The next one will either use to gavel or something entirely knew.

The sound quality is the best it's going to get. If you were to watch a DVD of the movies the sound was taken from, the quality would be the same. I tried my best to give it various tweeks, but there's only so much I can do. Same goes for the pictures. This is how the sprites look in the game.

lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! funny

lmao.....snapfu very funny great lol o man lol


That's so awsome...
I give you two thumbs and two big toes up.

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Jul 31, 2006
3:25 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 5th Place August 1, 2006