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Evolution of Earth

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People will see this as a strong subject. In a way, maybe they wont i do!

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i think u missed a bit

1. the first part of the video has nothing to do with the end
2. you dont show the progression of violence ( violence didnt start with adolf hitler)

I do understand the message ur sending and it is a good one, but the flash does not do the subject justice.


shitty flash, shitty song. thats the most shitty shit song that anyone ever shitted out of their shitty lives. fuck you and go die fuck-tard.

I think I understand what you are tell us

even though the flash was not great, you are trying to show that the real world is a bunch of bull shit. your flash have meaning, I agree with you only the real people can see what is going on in the world today. the rest or the average people is too busy with some other bull shit.

needs work

i agree with the guy before me. this is basically just about dictators an terrorists. you went from 4000 b.c. to the 1930's. you left out alotfor a flash about the evolution of earth. but i agree with u. also fix the title. its supossed to say earth not eart.

The title is Earth yet in the movie you said EART

Yep thats what it says at the beginning "EART". If you really wanted to make a movie about the evolution of Earth, make sure it actually is an evolution rather than a stupid focus on dictators and terrorists instead call it "a movie about dictators and terrorists."

Bad Music
Bad Script
Bad idea
and Bad flash skills.

Please do not try again :P

Credits & Info

2.12 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2006
3:17 PM EDT