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BlowPlane isn't your average
type of game.
Here you use your microphone
instead of your keyboard or mouse.
Blow in it to get your plane
to get higher in the air and to
avoid falling down.
Avoid the oncoming planes and
don't get too high up or too low
because then you'll crash and
the game is over.
Collect coins for bonus score.


Damn You! I'm hooked. =P

Awesome game. You can see how much I played it. I feel sorry for everyone else that tries to beat my score...


OH MY GOD THIS IS AN AWESOME GAME!!!!! (it was easier for me since i play trombone [band]) BUT THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!!! ITS LIKE THE GAMING FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great job, so underrated

This brings a new level of interactivity into the gaming scene here. I would suggest making it so that it increases the gravity variable depending on how loud the incoming noice is. I know it's not hard to do =P
Great concept great game, great execution. five =)

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GuyWithHisComp responds:

Although I submitted it a little later, this is a pretty old game.
Redid the graphics a bit but still pretty old.

What I want said is that if I were to do this game today I would probably make the engine a straw sharper.
Though I don't have the file left and I'm too lazy to redo it so.. Meh, we'll see.

Hope you get a Daily Feature!

Or at least a space in a collection! You remind me of Nintendo, striving to be the best by making an extremely new (Even if simple) game with lots of addiction. Nice, low file size and High score table make it even better.

My reccommendation would to be to have multiple mic settings, with 'little breath', 'Long Blow', and 'Can blow for 1 minute straight' :P.

I think you'll come up with a way to fusion this and a Webcam together, and it will be crazy : ). I wish the people without mics would stop whining! Seriously, the game is funner with the mic, but people post like 'I can't play!!! Go to hell!!!!'

GuyWithHisComp responds:

Thank you for the kind review.
This game didn't get as high score and as popular as I thought it would thought that might been because it's too simple.
As I get much great feedback I might make an other one in the same style but not so basic.
The idea of having a webcam in it too sounds good thoguht it might make more people complain since they might not have both a mic and a webcam.
The thing is, I don't have a webcam. :P
If I get one I'll probably make a game with both.

sooo.... dizzy

awesome game, fun fun fu.... *faints*.
please next time make to the mic more sensitive, but apart from that its a very goo... *faints again*. good game.

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4.26 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2006
7:17 AM EDT
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