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Egg-Pawn Attacks

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(edit - I gave up on this Ages ago, the original file got corruped and I stopped caring tbh, I don't ever plan to finish it, I want to improve my flash skills and make better movies and games instead. So sorry if this disappointed you because it disappointed me.
And yes, my accent probably isn't fit to play Sonic Characters but it sure beats the hell out of sending $1,700 cheques over the internet to pay for better actors.)

Hey guys! This is My first of many HUGE projects, teamed up with DrJam. This is only a practice game not one of my BIG BOYS so take it easy and be patient cus there is a wait on the Gnarly songs i got loadin' up for ya! ENJOY!
(I'll also respond to all your reviews, cus I love em!)

Remember, If you wanna hear the Sweet Retro music you gotta stay in the game! Each Chaos Emerald brings up a new Egg-Pawn and Song to use so your lookin' at like 27 lives here!

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Really great dude!

It might have been a little to hard for me, but i got a lot of point tho. Great game! 10 and 5!!!

AshtonNextGen responds:

Wow thanks man, You Rock! =P

i agree with moofasdor

its a good game but add ways to defend yourself with

AshtonNextGen responds:

Thanks, it can't be undone now anyway, the original FLA. file was damaged in my old computer, it's lost, if anything my main mistake was giving the player too many lives! I know the game can get pretty pointless after only a few minutes when you find yourself wasting 8 to speed the process along! =(


Nothing really new. It some sort of menu instead of clumping the instructions in the preloader. You should also start with a shield r something, some you don't get pummeled before you even know whats going on.

AshtonNextGen responds:

Yeah I thought I made the instructions pretty obvious but all I seem to get lately is complaints about it?
It's pretty simple really, just move left and right to dodge the bombs, guess the part I never really made clear was that each emerald lets you switch characters while the others recover.
Shame, its really just an endurance game anyway, their really isnt much more to it then what you see on screen!

It was entertaining.

It was fun, just a little too hard for the beginning. make it possible to deflect some missles or shoot them :D.

AshtonNextGen responds:

Yeah I didn't know how to increase speed or missile capacity so I just made the whole lot come on stage in just one setting! Hard, Fast & Simple makes an addictive game!

you do realize...

you do realize that this game is nearly impossible, right?
Ive ben playing for about an hour and I havent finished (supposedly)level 1 yet.
Most of the games here are like that.One guy actualy put up the wronf file.It was just a bunch of numbers.And it still got thru the (judgement).Whereas my best ones didnt make it thru.But anyway...work harder...make mre levels...

AshtonNextGen responds:

Oh theres only just the one level man!
At first it was just gonna be some animation of an Egg-pawn walking across the factory on a loop but then I thought of makin it into a game and packin it off to newgrounds! Shame about yours though, some guys just blam stuff without even looking at it! man I know the feeling huh?