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Stone Trek: Star Trekkin

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The fifth episode of Stone Trek features murderous purple blobs, amourous tapdancing Klingasauruses, and the deaths of nine, count 'em, nine Redshirted Stone Trek fans!

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Fun fun oh so fun. :) (no sarcasm sign)

Rated high because of genuine love Trekking is evident.

Amazing video!

This is the standards that a music video should aspire to! Many seem to half ass their animation because they think that they can coast by on the audio alone. Not here. The audio is a cheesy classic, and this video does it justice by telling a hilarious story and being animated very very well!

Theres no repeating of scenes in the repeated lyrics as the song goes on, its all escalation as the situations presented go wildly out of control and resolve themselves in ridiculous fashion (the Klingasaruses literally jumping overboard).

It must have been great to be a fan of Stone Trek and have your likeness used in this video, even if you are ultimately killed! Theres no better honour than being a Redshirt death, and those nine lucky people must have been well chuffed with their appearance!

Amazing video, I'm only sad that this was the last Stone Trek episode as it looks to have progressed beyond its Star Trek/Flintstones roots into wildly parodying anything it feels like (the 2001 episodes were the start, and there was a Thing parody here in Spock's walking head and the R2D2 cameo) It would have been great seeing how this series carried on in the wake of this over the top excellence.


Crossover Star Trek and the Flintstones? Funny


This has GOT to be the all time, hands down,bonefide best video version yet!

love the song!

Star Trekkin is one greid song & I love it.