Ye Olde Bank Robbery

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Ye olde bank is robbed and ye olde chase ensues....

*Please Note*
Given I made this flash when I was rather inexperienced in flash I failed to realise shrinking very large detailed images would put a large amount of strain on a computer hence this flash is pretty much impossible to play without some kind of lag in parts even on a great computer.
Sorry for the inconvenience but I have no intention of fixing the problem.



a bit weird

Sticky responds:

yes it is, thankyou for your insightful review...


this was very interesting...but I dont really like this type of humor...

Sticky responds:

ok then....

What happened..?

As you've said in your description... it did cause my computer to run slower... and I didn't see any of the work that you've done.. all I heard was the pinao, and maybe a few glimpse of the black and white text. I gave you a 10 for the things that I did see, and 0 for the things I didn't see. I liked the flipping coin next to the play button.. ^^; but that was pretty much all I got to see..

Sticky responds:

This flash is pretty hard on computers. It could just be your computer doesn't have the power to view this flash...

Heheh, awesome...

Wow, I was suprised when I saw this.
Very original, very funny.

Stuff themed like this are great. The music was perfect, the movement of the legos was done smoothly, and the timing of humor was done pretty nicely.

By the way, I liked those fire lego pieces... xD!!

Great job! 9/10

Sticky responds:


Hell Yes

Fucking Right Dude.

Original, Funny, And Long Enough To Be Good, But Not So Long I Get Bored.

Fucking Kicks Ass.

Sticky responds:

i love you...kiss me...

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3.10 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2006
11:45 PM EDT
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