Beat the System 2

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After about 3 or so weeks of work, BtS2 is finally done. This one is ALOT better than BtS1 in every way. More music, more levels, more creativity in the levels, better graphics, and more fun to play!
NOTE: I don't care if you cheat, it only ruins your own fun.

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Here is my complaints... (I've got a dark aura)

Here I go...
1. Crappy Graphics
2.You can easily cheat by right clicking and then clicking the goal
3.Unless you cheat, it's pretty friggin' hard to win

The only good thing about this is that it's unique. Try putting more puzzles in the next one if you're making a next one. Make sure you put more levels in and make sure it SLOWLY gets harder. Man I had to get that off my chest...

Nice Sequal!

This was really fun to play but the Spybot got a little annoying. But it was funny at the end when you beat it it says "You Lose" It was alot harder and tougher then the sequal and that's good. And you should let some of the players like PM you what they think would be a good course for the third one I've seen that done before in some game called Paintball or something. Anyway way to go!!!

It requires patience. Lots of it.

2 problems with your game:

1. Have you played your game? It's pretty freakin' hard!
2. I died on Level 2, then it kinda got glitchy.

It's kind of cool, but it seems like more effort could've been put in the quality.

El-Moo responds:

In BtS3, (which I have yet to start) will be less glitchy. I've gotten better. Im gonna ditch the spybot (maybe) and replace clicking the box with rolling over it, and disable clicking alltogether to get rid of the drag cheat.

nice but hard

if u up the graphics and made it a lot fun with stuff in the background thats what i would do but who cares



- Pretty Good music
- Good execution
- Had some tension with that blue thing
- Not Too Easy
- You can't cheat


- Starts out a bit hard (not a huge complaint, though).
- Not very good graphics


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2.81 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2006
10:59 AM EDT
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