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*update 02/27/07*
I've received the question, what is a MC multiple times now so I'd just like to add that an MC is a Movie Clip.

*update 01/23/07*
I added in a new page to simplify things, hope this helps. If there are any more suggestions just leave a comment, I respond to most reviews.

This is a breief tutorial showing howto make animated preloaders, they are easy to make and look even better! Why use that sexxy NG preloader when you can make a sexxier one?

This tutorial will teach you how




When you place your preloader in the exact same position in both frames, you can place it in the first then copy and paste in place in the next. :)


where is the properties button!
i looked everywhere and looked on the right click menu but nothing

Fulfilled its purpose

I now know exactly how to do preloaders. Thanks, I would change the background though. Well done, perfect for newies.

PARAGON-pvp responds:

Thanks for the review, I'll take that into consideration for my next tutorial,,, not sure that will be tho.



Pretty cool, when reviewing tutorials i always like to follow instructions word for word when i know how to do things (and of course your instructions worked perfectly).

You did say something about not being able to test it until it was up on the internet.

You can test it. If you click test movie, there should be a slide labeled Debug. If you click that you can change what type of connection speed the movie will load up on (I test on 28.8, because some people have slow modems).

Then if you click View, and then hit Show Streaming, the preload bar will load up as if using that connection. Which is cool because then you can see how fast your movie/ game loads at that speed, to see if you want to compress it more or somthing.

good tut

you dont have to wait until its on the internet to test it though
you can actually just test the movie (view the swf while still in flash)
and click View>Simulate Download
that should do the trick and save some time and a little space on your computer as well

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PARAGON-pvp responds:

My computer does not contain one single flash file I haven't done any of this shit since i was like 13. And yet people complain as if I'm this shit now. But hey if complaining about a dated tutorial is your thing then sweet lets fuck? I'll bring the chocolate and ball bearings.

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