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Animated Preloaders

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*update 02/27/07*
I've received the question, what is a MC multiple times now so I'd just like to add that an MC is a Movie Clip.

*update 01/23/07*
I added in a new page to simplify things, hope this helps. If there are any more suggestions just leave a comment, I respond to most reviews.

This is a breief tutorial showing howto make animated preloaders, they are easy to make and look even better! Why use that sexxy NG preloader when you can make a sexxier one?

This tutorial will teach you how




No a bad tutorial! Are you going to add another one explaning more fancy preloaders?

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PARAGON-pvp responds:

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I understood.. a little..

Ok, you have to make an animation on 100 frames. Then make the animation a MC. And then it dissapeared? WHERE DID MY ANIMATION GO? Then you said that I had to put my MC into the 1st and the 2nd frames.. WHAT? Sorry, I just don't understand. Can you explain it a little clearer?

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PARAGON-pvp responds:

k just folo these steps mmkay:
1 - make your 100 frame animation inside a movie clip, and place it where you want over 2 frames.
2 - instead of the first and second frame being just 1 keyframe, seperate them (right click frame 2 and select create keyframe)
3 - make the third frame (which is labeled "start") a blank keyframe and put in whatever junk u wanna put in there like a start button etc.

- if you're testing it on your computer (control > test movie) you're not going to see the effect because it doesn't have to load.
- kanx


this wasnt helpful at all!! it was hard to understand and you didnt show us in a picture or something what to do! this is a piece od dog *h*t

PARAGON-pvp responds:

NG Home > Arkrana
Level: 3

Awesome tut.

Worked perfectly for me. Loved the tut! Graphics were a bit bland, you could have added a few more graphical touches. Other than that it's perfect.


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I lost it about half way in, a couple of screenshots of what you´re actually doing might be usefull.

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Jul 28, 2006
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