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2 Year Old ClockHalloween

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I just found this movie in my HD. It was supposed to be for Halloween of 04 but I never finished it, and then one day the FLA. got deleted a long with the rest of my FLA's. Hope you like it, it's not finished, and the graphics are out dated. <3

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I like it anyway! :) Your portrayal of Strawberry Clock was quite endearing :D quite.

MMMM yes

Yes yes your graphics are totally outdated and it's unfinished thought you ought to know.

no glock or block can EVER beat King Strawberry

for one none of you can ever do any crappy animation so you lovingly place some awsome clocks in there!
two none of you do can do any totally annoying child like voice acting! so you use that awsome "sam" program to spare the ears of anyone over 8. it still rocks
three none of you can do an exercise routine! you all leave me tired and restless time and time again, and its always the same chatter with no exercise! WHY CANY ANYONE HELP ME GET IN SHAPE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I love you Virus <3


Hahaha, this was really fun! I loved this one, shame you didn't finish it!

Well, it's completely out of date, anyway was still fun.
I must say, the graphics were AWESOME. Specially at the beginning, when even SBC's hair moves along with him. Great effect.
Mmmh, lack of background music, I guess you should add it, if you decide to finish it.
Well, when Turd and SBC are talking seems a bit plain, and other "un-finished flaws".

Again, it's a pity you didn't finish this, it'd have been an awesome movie! (Even when I would have missed it, since I joined in 05')

Great job!


Strawberry may be the king of the portal, but you are definitely the king of awesome unfinished animations. First "Macarena", now this. Splendid animation, funny lines and great artwork for the clocks. I wish you still had the .FLA so you could finish this.

Fifened. Please tell me you back up your work now... hourly. :P

VirusClock responds:

Oh yes, I do indeed. :)

Glad you liked it <3