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USA Under Attack:The Game

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Author Comments

Well, I know most of you will find this offensive, even though you probably dont think other things which are MUCH WORSE aren't. So you are probably a hypocrital, double-standarded asshole.

But I still love you! Have fun.


reppetitive but i will probably rate it with

fuck hiroshima you gook 9/11 was still a helluva lot of people so just stfu

Not bad

The game wasnt too bad.
Oh and a message to most of the people below me, this isnt even close to a tragedy!! A real tragedy is Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or did you forget about that, huh assholes!!! 220,000 people died, compared to our mesley 2,740. You guys are real jerks you know that!!!

Nice game

Also, I understand why it has a low score, must be dumb people from the USA that get offended, anyways people, judge by how well the game is and not about what it supposedly represents. In fact if I judged pro USA flashes like you retarded people judge I wouldgive them all 0 because of being offensive to me becaus they're lying to me saying the USA is great when it's just a big pile of shit full of retarded people because how can you lose your job to a mexican who has no education and can barely speak english, that shows how dumb you people can be.

Another lame attempt to 'offend'

Yawn, go away and make a real game.

Guess you aint proud to be an American. >:(

How dare you man. I can't believe you could even think something like this up. What is more offensive than shooting people who are falling out of one of the twin towers. It makes me sick just thinking about it. YOU make me sick. I bet you were unloved as a child. Either that or a terrorist, you pig. I NEVER insult people, it isn't like me, but this makes me want to throw up my own stomach. BLAM THIS. Seriously. You would all be doing the world a favor. And after everything America has been going through, you have just insulted us. I can't believe this ever made it to Newgrounds, because it really truly deserves a place in Hell. I hate you. I, and probably most everyone on Newgrounds who have played this game are deeply offended. I could go on, but I better not. I guess I'll just save the room for the others who will end up getting you blammed. I'm voting 0, and I hope the rest of you do the same.

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Credits & Info

1.11 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2001
11:45 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person