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This flash goes at 26fps. (quite fast....)

I made this ages ago. (round about christmas 2005.) I just remembered I had it on my comp. :P

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It had alot of potenial there was just some random stuff that ruined like the face thing it makes it look poor and those red things that bit when they kinda shrink it looks poor also when you do animations like this you should rember physics
go compare your animation to others like this for idea
anyway it was pretty good


that was pretty kool i liked that music aswell i didnt know if it was funny or not i guess like a little somehow so i put a five. keep it up

Not bad...

Pretty cool music video. Hope you make more in the future.

Mechabloby responds:

I've got three on newgrounds.

The fbf stuff ones and that black & white random thingy

forget that last comment!

this was interesting, and looked cool, haters be damned. i liked it, and i think alot of people would, it was interesting!

What the??

The heck was that It was just a bunch of lines moving. Giving it a zero. This sucks. P.S YOU SUCK TO.

Mechabloby responds:

You suck more.