Doom - Inferno

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Hi everyone. After two months of work (on and off) I give you the final chapter of my Doom series. It turned out great and I hopeb everyone likes it. Sorry about the filesize but I used alot of music, sounds, and background images. I compressed them as much as I could but it still was big. Anyways I hope fans of the series think of this as the best one. Leave a comment and be sure to go to my website www.freewebs.com/ldanimat ions and leave a comment :) P.S. I am also wanting a Doom collection made so if you say you agree in your review that would be great!


Best doom parody i ever seen

Mna the best part is when he jumps the river of blood but then he brings the plasma gun and starts rolling with the blade 2 music this is deffinitly the best doom parody i ever seen goo job and thanks for posting this : )

LilDwarf responds:

That was a fun part to do. I was thinking of Blade when I did it haha Thanks for enojoying it!

Good toon

I definatly agree with you on the Idea of a Doom Collection in the Video Game Parodies Section

LilDwarf responds:

Yes...I have no idea why Tom hasn't made the damn collection yet. Sure he makes a RUNESCAPE collection but not a Doom collection...fucking embarrasing >:( Jesus christ it's RUNESCAPE what the hell are you thinking tom?!?

<title goes here>

Definitely the best one my favorite part was where he emptied his whole clip and was getting killed until he pulled out his chainsaw and cut the guy in half. There were no flaws in this one, great music and had great doom action.

LilDwarf responds:

Thanks alot buddy :)


i have to say this was good and i do love all your work i cant stop playing LOZ simdate rpg well goodjob and keep making good games and movies =D

LilDwarf responds:

Thanks :)

Great job on this series.

I am acually planning on a doom fan flick. I am sort of a fan of Doom and this series really pleased me. Sprite animators like you make me wish I didn't retire.

LilDwarf responds:

Jeje I'm glad you think that :D

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Jul 28, 2006
5:21 PM EDT