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BB - Kumquat Ghostbuster

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Author Comments

This is one of my good pieces, so please review responably.

it is short, yes i know. i was messsng around a decided to make this a short...

WOS- http://z3.invisionfree.com/Worldobliteration/index.php?act=idx

BB- http://www.blockband.com/

don't hat eme b.c. im a block.


Sum 41 - Kick me when I'm high
Weird Al Yankovich - Beer Song
ABH - Cool Spooky Loop <3
The Crystal Method - Ghostbusters Theme (Techno Remix)


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Here's what I think

After such a harsh review on my cartoons I figured you must be an extremely talented animator so I had to watch your films. The funny thing is I make some of the cartoons you watch on TV. If your going to leave a comment make it critical. People should be able to learn from a critique, things like 'you suck' and 'what the hell was that' aren't helpful. For example here's a critique for your film I just watched. The voice acting and sound is unprofessional, it sounds like it was created in your basement. The animation is static and boring, it looks like the animation you'd see on a 'punch the donkey' flash ad. This kind of animation works on a show like Southpark because it's funny, your story wasn't funny. You seem to have no artistic ability when it comes to drawing and composition, I couldn't tell what was going on half the time because the drawings resembled blobs of crap. I'd suggest going to animation school and drawing everyday for another 5 years before you pollute the internet with anymore of this garbage. Love Todd.

eww mayun

the wos and bb is full of un-talented losers and are really a bunch of idiots.
i know for a fact that they DO mass vote to watch their movies pass.

ScotLandClock responds:

"Oh hi there Kaiser. I remember you, you good old group whore. Weren't you perma-banned from the WOS for being an all around dumbass and now all the glocks there think you are too? Weren't you also banned from the GG because you suck at flash? You might also want to know that Arskagarf is on your favorites list. You should probably remove it."


Get some talent..

Stop with the clock BS already and get some damned TALENT! That goes for ANYONE making a clock-esque movie/short/whatever!

These movies are the works of lazy people who don't know how to truly animate. If you want ideas check out LegendaryFrog's artwork!

I shall review responsably!!!!

This movi or short film is dumb.I dont like block busters if that's what you call yourselves and i dont like ghost specialy those who drink from kegs.Well frankly I never new that thre was the Blocks, I just Knew the Cloks, the Locks, and the keys but now the bloks want to take over. WTF whats next the Cocks(rooster dont get the wrong idea), the Socks, the Focks. Dood NG has it bad in the future with all this organizations and their conspiracys.Well basicly I'm going to blam it since it is almost clock day and i mean no disrespect towards them."NOTHING PERSONAL,JUST BUSINESS"

LOL, that was great.

That was really funny. Predictable, but funny. Nice animation and a clever story line. It was a little short, but you know that already, I think.

The closing song is by SR-71, not Sum 41, by the way. It's also called "Right Now". You might want to change that. :)

Looking forward to your next piece!

(I always enjoy reading responses to reviews.)

Credits & Info

1.40 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2006
5:16 PM EDT