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Amish Diaries

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The description is a lie. I'm sorry. There was no amish man from whom i stole diary extracts. I just made them up. Some might say thats better...

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Been spending most my life...

...living in an Amish paradise...

I can't believe you fitted all this into a 300kb flash file. That's worth high marks by itself. I think what has happened here is that for once, someone trying to say something, has said it without it sounding disjointed and meaningless. The dialogue actually serves purpose, and it's not just like someone saying something like "only one choice, no future" or some other random connotation towards the Amish life style.

It's really charming to watch, and the music really sets the mood. I like how you've got the sort of flickering effect playing over the movie, which kind of looks like the old film serials from the 50's. The character's design is fresh and unique, and it really looks quite professional.

Cons: Voice acting is a bit muffled at times, could be clearer. And also, it is a rather obscure subject, one which I don't think many people would relate to or understand, save for Amish people themselves, but chances are they'd never see it.

Good movie, top marks from me.

stickists responds:

Thanks a lot

good flash

the graphics were done god in this flash, i liked the effects you put in like, the black lines moving across the screen made it feel like an old movie along with the black and white. there was some humor in this witch is a good thing. the sound and music was great the voice was done good also.

well the sotryline was completly random, witch can be good or bad, it was like one night i couldent sleep so i ate a bannana.

welly done flash i look foward to future episodes

stickists responds:

Yeah well, thats the amish way.

Total Zen

That was funny and deep at the same time.

I don't know if your intention was just to humor us or what, but the flash also had strong feel of profound kindnes. It was true in a way of non-drama that faces us in our daily life. Nothing hapens alot, so why not make a film about that. The ending had no punch-line, and thats the thing I like most in your flash. Thats my life, not just amish-life.

Zen-mind and shit. (Bad english from my part)


It was a nice flash, some dry humor ended abruptly though.

a nice overall flash


Nice drawing

The Amish man in your flash has skinny arms, but most of them are used to hard manual labour (hey, they work harder than you ever will, I guarantee it!) but that's beside the point. Even though they do look quite obviously wrong, it seems to work for some part.

I like the big chin that you gave them, the jokes were funny, well delivered and the animation style was nice and 'old fashioned'. I like the way this flash loaded before I worked out where the play button was, proving that quality over quantity wins every time

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Jul 28, 2006
4:18 PM EDT