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Press Start: Pac-Manic

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Press Start: Bonus Levels
"Pac-Manic Depression"

Count Vile must rid his lair of a ravenous yellow creature lurking deep within the catacombs.

"Press Start: Bonus Levels" is a monthly animated series based on the upcoming videogame comedy movie "Press Start".

Created and animated by "Press Start" writer Kevin Folliard and produced by "Press Start" director/producer Ed Glaser, "Bonus Levels" goes where the movie can't, introducing audiences to the world of the film even before the movie is completed.

Each episode is only a few minutes long and features the voice talents of the "Press Start" cast, as well as others, plus music by professional videogame composer Jake "virt" Kaufman.

For more information about "Press Start", visit www.PressStartMovie.com.

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Perfect choice of words! This Flash animation was rather ingenious! The best choice of words had to be at the very end, where Vile said, "Son of a BIT--", since Pac-Man is known for his...
Eating habits. (Chomping, munching, BITING, etc.)


Wakka wakka!

This was interesting to watch because it really puts into perspective how the characters take themselves seriously. I love how Count Vile has a fairly deadpan style. Well, nowhere as deadpan as Johnson of course. I was thinking he was going to say that the yellow ghost represented cowardiness. While it was cut a bit too short, cutting a swear off like that is always pretty funny thing. I love how there's so much depth in his voice.

Yes, it does make an annoying sound. The funniest part was probably when Vile was at a loss for words when the pink ghost showed up. Something with no mouth can't be that intimidating. It was cool with that art shift showing the Necromonicon or whatever book it was in the middle. This makes you wonder what the true origin of Pac-Man is.

Ah Vile

I am Re watching this Series for the second time. I love How Vile is Evil But funny Evil. And Johnson is Like The Brains in the Operation and Probably the Most Loyal Companion I have seen so Far.

hey in the beggining

he is refrencing wart from super mario bros 2