Brady Bunch Knock-Down

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It's just a timing game! It's just supposed to be a little challange, not gorey (except for level 3)!
Read the Instructions and figure out the Controls!!


Very good game

An easy button? Hah! Please, if you have any sense of timing, you can win the game easily. After I got the hang of the controls I beat the first level with only a single miss, and the second one's even easier because you have infinite balls. That floating head was a bit more tricky, but I still killed it in the 20 seconds no problem. Anyone who said this game was too hard or, worse, voted 0 on it, you're a fucking loser. This game was actually challenging unlike most of those click-and-bloodspray games out there, and I enjoyed myself. If you thought it was too hard, you just suck at games.

Tomorrows-Nobody responds:

My sentiments precisely.


wasnt the worst wasnt the best

That was a fun game

I liked it alot... Make more games!

Good work, I like the fact that I have a volume

control, if I had to listen to that song I think that i would kill myself. Fun stuff and yes it is adictive, too. It can bee a little hard but games are suppose to be right?

Ah, the damn song!

After trying three times on hard and once on easy, that song is carved into my brain now. I hope you're happy! :) By the way, great game! I can tell you put a lot of work into it!

Tomorrows-Nobody responds:

Making the game i must have heard it like 1000 times. Same with our halfpipe skateboarding video, that songs so old now. Thank you for actually playing the game though. Lots of work was put into it.

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2.13 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2001
11:02 PM EDT
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